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WT60-D Solder PCB

WT60-D Solder PCB

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A simple, yet modern PCB solution. High-quality PCB designed by Wilba, after Mekanisk specification. This PCB ensures that your keyboard will be up and running in no time, and keep running for a long time.

The easy, graphical configurator VIA, lets you reprogram all the keys at any time you want. The programming happens live (and stays on the board). A super high-quality, easily programmed PCB at an affordable price.

The graphical user interface to program your keyboard and firmware:

Designed and produced by Wilba, 


60% standard keyboards. ex. Fjell, Klippe

Supported layouts

  • Supports: ISO/ANSI/HHKB/TSANGAN and stepped caps lock
  • Supports PCB mounted stabilisers (Mekanisk Stabilisers, GMK screw in stabilisers, Cherry clip in stabilisers, Zeal stabilisers and more)
  • VIA configurator support, arguably the best and easiest configurator on the market
  • USB-C connector 
  • Standard 60% / Poker mounting points
  • Flex cutouts for builds with a softer plate.
  • Available in both solderable and hot-swap.
  • No LEDs, only caps lock LED
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